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2021 ABG Sanya

6th OCA Asian Beach Games

Sanya, Hainan, China 2 - 10 April 2021

Classes in competition: Paramotors: PF1

  • Asian Beach Games are a very big event. At Sanya, Powered Paragliders (Paramotors) are just one of 17 participating sports and there is likely to be upwards of 1500 athletes in total.
  • ABGs are open to athletes from any of the 45 Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) member nations.
Coronavirus status
Although they will still be known as the 2020 Asian Beach Games, the games are going ahead on the new dates of 2 - 10 April 2021.
See these press releases (you may need google translate)

10 August 2020
Asian Beach Games in Sanya rescheduled for April 2021
Letter from Zhou Jun, Deputy Secretary General, SABGOC, Vice Mayor, Sanya

11 July 2020
Asian Beach Games set to be rescheduled after China cancels international events

Important dates

  • Entry by Sport: 18 December 2019 to 30 January 2020.
    NOCs tell SABGOC in which of the 17 different sports they plan to enter teams.
  • Entry by Number: 15 March - 13 April 2020.
    NOCs tell SABGOC how many athletes they will be entering in each sport.
  • Entry by Name: TBA.
    NOCs give SABGOC the details of each of their athletes.
  • Athletes village opening: TBA.
  • Powered Paraglider practice days: TBA.
  • Main opening ceremony: TBA.
  • Powered Paraglider competition days: TBA.
  • Powered Paraglider Medals ceremony: TBA Immediately after the last task.
  • Main closing ceremony: TBA.


FAI News announcement march 2019
Games news from OCA
ABG main page at OCA
Sanya games home page at OCA
Official games website

Championship Officers

Technical Delegate Richard MEREDITH-HARDY GBR
Competition Director WANG Yongli CHN
Deputy Competition Director ZHANG Wei CHN
Chief Marshal TBA
Chief scorer TBA
Monitor TBA
International Jury TBA
Stewards TBA

Key facts

  • FAI sporting licences are a requirement of entry, so it is important FAI FAI member Aero Clubs (NACs) cooperate at a national level with their respective NOC in the selection of a Powered Paraglider team for ABG.
  • National teams are limited to maximum 5 pilots in the PF1 class (Paraglider control / Foot-launched / flown solo) They can be flown by male or female pilots and may use any type of engine.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are available for:
    • Precision flying, individual.
    • Economy flying, individual.
    • Combined precision flying and economy flying, teams.
  • The main considerations in selecting the tasks are they are close to the beach, fun to fly and entertaining for spectators. Scoring will be in a form which is really easy for everyone to understand.
  • There are 2 practice days and up to 6 competition days, it seems probable tasks will happen every morning before it gets too windy.
  • There is no Athlete entry fee, but there may be expenses in the form of the Athletes Village accommodation fee and the cost of getting to the Games and home again.

About ABG

The Asian Beach Games is quite different to FAI organised events. The sanctioning body is the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which is a group of 45 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the Asian Region.

ABGs happen every four years, this is the 6th ABG.

ABGs are very big events, for example ABG Phuket 2014 involved something in excess of 5000 people including c.2697 athletes competing for 169 medals.

The ABG setup is a triangular arrangement identical to other games organised under the Olympic flag:

  • Sanctioning body: OCA - Invites all member NOCs to send Athletes. Oversees the event on behalf of all its member NOCs, keeps media revenue (if any) and distributes some of it later amongst participating NOCs and IFs.
  • Local Organizing Committee: SABGOC; Sanya Asian Beach Games Organizing Committee - A stand-alone body contractually responsible to OCA for providing the venues, infrastructure, accommodation, organizational staff, websites, accreditation, medals Etc. Chooses sports it wants to include in the event from a list provided by OCA (some, like beach volleyball are mandatory, many are optional). Can raise funds in any way apart from media.
  • International Sports Federations (IF): Responsible for supplying rules, judges, marshals, jury, scoring, entry requirements.... and then running their competition in the venue provided by SABGOC amongst competitors provided by the NOCs. Travel, accommodation Etc. of IF staff is paid by SABGOC.

OCA invites each IF to nominate a Technical Delegate (TD) who is responsible for coordinating their event(s) planning and execution with SABGOC and OCA to ensure a successful outcome.

CIMA has done this twice before, at the 2012 3rd Asian Beach Games at Haiyang, China and the 4th Asian Beach Games 2014, Phuket, Thailand


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