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4ABG entries
Plenary 2014
File CIMA Agenda 2014 v1.pdf
03 - Jury other work
Re: 06 - PF1f class in paramotor's National Scoring
These things should get into the model LR automatically. This one somehow got forgotten so is just a reminder it does ...
Re: 13 - Championship validation
Who is this meet director? Is not a position ever used in any CIMA sanctioned event. Most of the supporting evidence f...
Re: 14 - Slalom Scoring
1) Who exactly is the 'meet director'? We have never had such a position in any CIMA sanctioned events....
Re: 10 - Electronic Equipment
Hi Wolfgang Yes, relatively easy to do this with devices like the AMOD....
17 Oct
Re: 10 - Electronic Equipment
Hi Barney, just a technical question: Do you have evidence that a stored track was manipulated on an AMOD or other CIMA ...
Re: 15 - Section 10 Scope of Work
Hi Barney, I understand your aim, but please can you explain me, why we  can not succed with the current system. \ our w...

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