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h1. 6th OCA Asian Beach Games

Sanya, Hainan, China 28 Nov - 5 Dec 2020

Classes in competition: Paramotors: *PF1*

The *A{*}sian *B{*}each *G{*}ames is quite different to FAI organised events. The sanctioning body is the [Olympic Council of Asia|] (OCA) which is a group of 45 [National Olympic Committees|] (NOCs) in the Asian Region.

ABGs are very big events, for example [ABG Phuket 2014|cima:2014 ABG - Phuket] involved something in excess of 5000 people including c.2697 athletes competing for 169 medals.

The ABG setup is a triangular arrangement identical to other games organised under the Olympic flag:

* *Sanctioning body*: OCA - Invites all member NOCs to send Athletes. Oversees the event on behalf of all its member NOCs, keeps media revenue (if any) and distributes some of it later amongst participating NOCs and IFs.

* *Local Organizing Committee*: SABGOC; Sanya Asian Beach Games Organizing Committee - A stand-alone body contractually responsible to OCA for providing the venues, infrastructure, accommodation, organizational staff, websites, accreditation, medals Etc. Chooses sports it wants to include in the event from a list provided by OCA (some, like beach volleyball are mandatory, many are optional). Can raise funds in any way apart from media.

* *International Sports Federations* (IF): Responsible for supplying rules, judges, marshals, jury, scoring, entry requirements.... and then running their competition in the venue provided by SABGOC amongst competitors provided by the NOCs. Travel, accommodation Etc. of IF staff is paid by SABGOC.

OCA invites each IF to nominate a Technical Delegate (TD) who is responsible for coordinating their event(s) planning and execution with SABGOC and OCA to ensure a successful outcome.

CIMA has done this twice before, at the [2012 3rd Asian Beach Games at Haiyang, China|otherCIMAevents:2012 3rd Asian Beach Games] and the [4th Asian Beach Games 2014, Phuket, Thailand|cima:2014 ABG - Phuket]

Both the above links contain a wealth of information on how it is done.

h2. Links

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h2. Championship Officers

| Event director | TBA |
| Competition Director | TBA |
| Deputy Competition Director | TBA |
| Chief Marshal | TBA |
| Chief scorer | TBA |
| Monitor | TBA |
| International Jury | TBA |
| Stewards | TBA |

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