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2014 ABG - Phuket

4th Asian Beach Games 2014

Phuket, Thailand, 14-23 November 2014

Asian Beach Games occur every two years and are sanctioned by the OCA Olympic Council of Asia, the local organizer is known as PABGOC Phuket Asian Beach Games Organizing Committee. FAI is recognized by the IOC International Olympic Committee and hence OCA as the IF, International Federation responsible for Air sports. IFs form the third part of the organization of an ABG by providing the rules and technical officials for each participating sport.

In the case of this ABG, the participating Air Sports are Powered Paragliding (Paramotors) and Paragliding Accuracy. The technical delegates appointed by FAI for each sport are Richard Meredith-Hardy and Andika. The remainder of the technical staff is appointed by the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand RASAT which is the FAI NAC.

The first Technical Delegates meeting was held in Phuket Nov 13-14 2013. The major work was to prepare the Technical Handbook for each sport and to check the suitability of the venue. In the case of Air Sports this is the same venue as used for the November 2013 Asia Oceania Paramotor Championships / ABG Test event.

The second Technical Delegates meeting was held on 8th September 2014. Planning for the event seems to be progressing quite well, presentations were made on Sports, Venues, Accommodation and Transport, IT and Timing, Medical and Doping, Medals and Branding (see more on branding below as this is very important).

The two Airsports will be participating amongst 34 other sports, athletes will be competing for 4 medals in each air sport.

This is a very big event, overall, c. 2697 athletes will be competing for 169 medals. In total the games involves something in excess of 5000 people.

Local Regulations and Task Catalogue

The local regulations and Task catalogue are the definitive rules of the event and this page is the definitive source of the current version.
They are very similar to the LR & TC used at ABG 2012 Haiyang and the test event.

Version changes

  • Drafts: 1: 6 Jun 2014; 1b: 12 Jun 2014; 1c: 29 Jun 2014; 1d: 1 July 2014;
  • Final 1e : 11 July 2014
  • Final 1f : 17 Sep 2014
    • Addition of 1.11.7 and renumbering of the two following provisions.
    • Change of grid size in task P5 from 70.71m to 50m so it is the same as the standard one in S10 A4. It makes a Championship record more accessible.
Key deadlines

Entries can only be made by the 45 OCA member National Olympic Committees.

  • Each participating NOC must submit Entry by Number Forms to PABGOC by 24.00hrs Thailand local time (GMT +7) by 15 July 2014
  • Entry by Name Forms must be received by PABGOC no later than 31 August 2014 at 24.00hrs Thailand local time (GMT +7).

We are now past both deadlines.  As anticipated, the Entry by Name deadline was not flexible and PABGOC will not be accepting any late entries.  If your NOC failed to submit your entry in time, sorry, but you cannot compete.


It was announced rather late, but the accreditation documents for both Athletes and International officials will act as a 30 day visa for entry into the Kingdom of Thailand (if it is required for your nationality).

The instruction to participants is as follows:

  • PABGOC will include an invitation letter when they send Accreditation cards to your team address.
  • On the travel day, you just show AD card and invitation letter to your airline.
  • Then when you arrive in Thailand, Just show both document again to Thai Immigration Bureau.

The original authority for this procedure is below, in Thai and English translation.

Latest news on visas, received 3 October 2014
AD Card permit to pass Thai Immigration:
Please noted we are now get confirmation of AD Card will be entering to Thailand like another game.
we will have special Lane for Phuket Asian Beach Game at Bangkok and Phuket International Airport.
in case you did not received your AD Card in time, you may possible to rebuild your AD Card at the airport
but this may take a very long process of checking information ... taking photo ... build a AD Card.
Branding guidelines

These games incorporate ‘Olympic style’ branding rules. They are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

For details please see the Branding Guidelines presentation made by PABGOC on 8 September 2014 to the Technical Delegates of all c.32 sports participating at 4 ABG.

If you have clothing, equipment or apparel which does not meet these rules then you will NOT be able to enter the ‘field of play’ until you have removed the illegal marks or changed it for something else which does meet the rules.

Please be aware this includes Paraglider canopies. You will NOT be able to fly in the ABG Powered Paraglider or Paragliding Accuracy competitions with a canopy which does not meet these branding guidelines.

Basically this means:

  • Legally required marks such as aircraft registration numbers are OK.
  • Games logo and/or your National flag are OK.
  • Standard canopy manufacturer name and logos are OK, but if you have a particularly large one please send a photo to at who will check with the appropriate authority.
  • No other commercial logos of any kind are permitted on your canopy.

You have been warned!

Note: Official ABG Logos and fonts for team T-Shirts Etc. are contained in official_PABGOC_logo_and_fonts file.


Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File 9. Air Sports technical handbook FI... 3.38 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 09 Jun, 2014 18:08 ABG 2014 technical handbook
JPEG File ABG-logo-2014-1000.jpg 120 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 09 Jun, 2014 18:09 ABG logo 1000 px wide  
PDF File Visa Exemption by Immigration Burea... 2.72 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 02 Sep, 2014 06:26 Visa exemption (Original Thai version)
PDF File Visa Exemption for Foreign Particip... 34 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 02 Sep, 2014 06:26 Visa exemption (English translation)
PDF File 4ABG Branding guidelines.pdf 1.98 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 12:54 4ABG Branding guidelines
ZIP Archive 9.95 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 18:23 various graphics for your t shirts  
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation Medical an... 1.01 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:00 Medical and Doping Sept 2014
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation Accommodat... 2.00 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:00 Accommodation and Transport Sept 2014
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation IT and Tim... 5.48 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:00 IT and Timing Sept 2014
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation Medals.pdf 1.37 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:00 Medals Sept 2014
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation Sports.pdf 1.07 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:16 Sports at Sept 2014
PDF File 2TD Meeting Presentation Venues.pdf 3.33 MB Richard Meredith-Hardy 15 Sep, 2014 19:16 Venues at Sept 2014
PDF File ABG 2014 local regulations FINAL 1f... 642 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 17 Sep, 2014 15:15 Local regulations & Task Catalogue FINAL v1f
PDF File 4ABG pp complaints and protest flow... 273 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 03 Oct, 2014 12:25 Complaints and Protests flowchart
PDF File Jury President Report - ABG 2014.pd... 1.43 MB Rohaizi Md HUSSIN 04 Dec, 2014 12:30 Jury President Report For 4th ABG 2014. V2 - Final

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