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4ABG Information for pilots

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If you are a Paramotor pilot from one of the 45 OCA Asian nations then this is your opportunity to represent your nation in a prestigious international event with rather a high profile because of the relationship between the organizers and the Olympic movement.

You cannot enter yourself! It must be done by your National Olympic Committee (NOC) in association with your FAI member Aero Club (NAC).

There were two important deadlines coming up:

15 July 2014:  Each NOC should have provided the organizer (PABGOC) with a list of numbers of competitors it is intending to enter in each sport.  

31 August 2014:  Each NOC must have provided PABGOC with an 'entry form by name' for each competitor.

If your NOC did not do this, sorry, but PABGOC are not accepting late entries.

Next steps

  • Practice the tasks. Since we want all competing pilots to be adequately competent, the local regulations and task catalogue  should be used by pilots as a training aid. Most tasks have a note indicating what constitutes a 'good' performance. Note that giant (12m) inflatable pylons will be used in many of the slalom tasks.
  • Get a FAI Sporting Licence All competing pilots must have a FAI Sporting licence issued by their NAC, valid for microlights and paramotors for the duration of the event, and it must be recorded in the FAI Sporting Licence database. Special arrangements are in place for athletes of OCA member nations which are not FAI members. IMPORTANT If you are from one of these nations please get in touch with FAI Secretariat as soon as possible.
  • Organize insurance All competing pilots must have adequate 3rd party insurance, (the required minimum is stated in the local regulations). Medical insurance is highly recommended.
  • Understand the anti-doping rules Testing will happen at ABG. It is catastrophic for any competitor to get a positive test and therefore essential that all pilots are aware of the rules. Of particular note is anyone taking any palliative drug must obtain a TUE (Theraputic Use Exemption) in advance of the event. Various informations are available on the ABG downloads page and FAI maintains its own information in its anti-doping programme section such as anti-doping-and-me on the FAI website.
  • Transportation of equipment This usually needs to be organized in advance. The Thai NAC should be able to advise.

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