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WAG Liaison Meeting dec 2014

Received from the Senior Sports Manager on 20 Sep 2014. Note this message precipitated a change of date for the 2014 CIMA Plenary

Dear All,

Preparations for the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 have accelerated again. The summer period and Ramadan had slowed down the activities. Last week, Visa-Matti and I spent some very intensive days in Dubai and we are happy to confirm the increased and very visible momentum.

Thank you to all of you who I met in the interim and who contributed with their opinion and experience. This is a great team and I am sure we shall all achieve something very special.

Some time ago, I gave you a "pre-warning" related to the meetings in December.

These dates now need to be adjusted under the light of the final schedule for the DIPC (Dubai International Parachuting Championship) and taking obligations of our Dubai partners related to this mega-event into consideration.

These are now the final, confirmed dates for the "World Air Games Liaison-Meeting".

27.11. (Thursday) - preferred arrival day (can be late)
28.11. (Friday)
29.11. (Saturday)
30.11. (Sunday)
01.12. (Monday late) - earliest departure
02.12. (Tuesday morning) - suggested departure

We are now working on a detailed programme to cover

  • visiting all the venues
  • meeting the LOC-experts
  • walk-through of the air sports / disciplines
  • adjusting times / schedule for 2015-activities
  • attending the 2014 DIPC
  • link with Executive Board
  • internal arrangements (budgets, planning, communication, networking, getting ready)

Please send your ideas and suggestions to me as soon as possible.

Please note that the dates for this year's DIPC are 26.11.-07.12.2014. You'll find more information on
On these pages, there is quite some information which is also relevant for the World Air Games. Please visit these pages and have a careful view.

Confirmed dates for "FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015" are Dec 01 - 12, 2015

Related to this year's meetings:
Hotel: Is being arranged once we know your arrival date/time. We'll set up a registration page soon and send you the link.
Flights: Feel free to book the flights. Costs are being reimbursed by FAI. Procedures to be explained in another mail. (Typical costs Europe - Dubai return are between 750 and 1000 CHF (e.g. Emirates))
Transport DXB -> Hotel: Is being arranged and communciated later.

As I'll be out of the office for the next couple of days, please send any urgent (can't wait until October) queries to Annick Hauser (

Please do not hesitate to contact me for your further questions.

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