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Welcome to the CIMA wiki

Most CIMA delegates were loaded as users into the wiki yesterday, 11 April 2010.


I say 'most' because there are a few delegates we either we do not have their email address, or the one we have is invalid. They are listed on the Lost delegates page, perhaps you could have a look, and if this is you, or you know the correct address for someone, please tell

I expect you have already seen the Getting started guide but there are some other things you might like to look at:

  • The events calendar and add in any microlight or paramotor events you know of.
  • World record corrections.
  • For European delegates: the [cimaBureau:SERA] page - the deadline for comments to this is today

If you have some ideas how we can use this wiki, simply make comments in the CIMA IT WG space.

Added by Richard Meredith-Hardy Last edited by Richard Meredith-Hardy on 12 Apr, 2010 10:48. Quick links: or Welcome to the CIMA wiki
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