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Most CIMA delegates were loaded as users into the wiki yesterday, 11 April 2010.


I say 'most' because there are a few delegates we either we do not have their email address, or the one we have is invalid. They are listed on the [Lost delegates|cima:Lost delegates] page, perhaps you could have a look, and if this is you, or you know the correct address for someone, please tell [].

I expect you have already seen the [faiWikiDocumentation:Getting started guide] but there are some other things you might like to look at:
* The [events calendar|calendar] and add in any microlight or paramotor events you know of.
* [World record corrections].
* For European delegates: the [cimaBureau:SERA] page - the deadline for comments to this is *today*

If you have some ideas how we can use this wiki, simply make comments in the [CIMAwiki:] space.