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The purpose of the CIMA WAG microlights subcommittee is to:

  • Create rules for the WAG microlight competition
  • Organize, run and score a qualifying system
  • Ensure that planning for competition at WAG is progressing according to plan.
  • Ensure competition at WAG is conducted according to plan.

Members of this subcommittee:

  • Wolfgang LINTL (GER), Chairman & WAG LO
  • Tormod VEIBY (NOR)
  • Vladimir SILHAN (CZE)
  • Jacek KIBINSKI (POL)


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14 Oct 2010: FAI Secretariat announced the 2013 bidding process is under way.

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Announcement by the FAI President 16 June 2010

_As you know (see our e-mail of 23 January 2010), following the decision of the City of Odense not to host the 2011 Games, the Executive Board decided to evaluate alternative options and the FAI Secretariat established further contacts in various countries. Thanks to the support of the Royal Danish Aero Club, talks have been initiated with the City of Herning (DEN), …

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