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1. Centralized id & permissions system

Centralized id & permissions system

This boils down to a database with a unique ID for every entity who was or is associated with FAI.

Once this is established, each ID can be assigned an unlimited number of properties and attributes.

What is an entity?

It is something unique. A person is an entity, but so is a NAC or a committee or a record, and they all have different properties and attributes.

Example entities
  • Person
  • Nation
  • Group (Eg Member, EB, ASC, ASC subcommittee or WG, TC, Expert group, competition entry list or results Etc.)
  • Member subscription categories
  • FAI member status
  • ASC Delegate status
  • Sporting licence
  • Championship or competition
  • Ranking
  • FAI Class and sub-class
  • Record
  • Calendar item
  • Permission

Each entity may have mandatory or optional properties which refer to attributes.

Entities often refer to other entities, a person may have a sporting licence, be a member of a number of committees and hold (or have held) a number of records. A committee will contain a number of people and have a calendar of meetings. A championship will have a calendar item and contain a number of people possibly in different FAI Classes Etc.

Examples of entity properties and attributes

A person

  • Properties include:
    • One name which may be in the order given_name FAMILY_NAME or vice versa according to local custom, and optionally the same name in non-latin characters.
    • Must have a date of birth
    • Lives in one nation (qv nation)
    • Represents one nation (qv nation)
    • Has an address
    • May have a telephone number, email address, photo, CV, Etc.
    • May have a sporting licence
    • May be a member of one or more groups (qv groups)
    • May have permissions to access different things. eg to register in a competition, to edit pages on the FAI website, to validate SLs on behalf of a NAC Etc. (qv permissions)
    • Etc.
  • Attributes include:
    • Personal information: Name, name in native script, DoB, Nation(s), Address, email, photo, personal CV Etc. Etc.
    • SL domestic number & validity & when validated, by who. (qv nac)
    • Which groups is a member of. (qv groups)
    • Which Access permissions. (qv permissions)
    • Etc.

A Nation

  • Properties include:
    • Must have a name
  • Attributes include:
    • nation name (long & short) Country codes (FAI/IOC and ISO 2 & 3)

Is a group of people with specific properties

  • Properties include:
    • Nation (qv)
    • Has a FAI Status (qv)
    • Has a subscription class (qv)
    • Has a subscription status
    • Has personnel (qv people)
  • Attributes include:
    • Subscription status: paid, not paid

Absolutely vital


There are a vast number of entities associated with FAI, in turn they each have a vast number of attributes. Joining them all together under a single ID allows for easier management (eg only one spelling of a name), easier use (people will learn their own id) and allows the data to be leveraged in ways which add value (eg display records held by entrants to championships, success in championships by record holders Etc.)


Is a simple one (id) to many (attributes) relationship. Could be a bespoke database, or could leverage one of the multitude of applications out there designed for exactly this purpose ranging from the generic like Active Directory or LDAP to more specialized applications like Atlassian Crowd Etc.



  • There are plenty of open source softwares out there which do this.
  • Since this is probably the most common problem encountered by any systems developer, it should not be difficult to find someone within the group who might be able to set up a system and combine existing FAI data into it.
  • If not, then a detailed spec. should be written by the group for suitable software developer companies to tender for, the group must be involved in the selection of the winning bid.

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