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FAI Communique May 2011

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!otherCIMAevents:2012 3rd Asian Beach Games^abg logo 2.jpg|align=right, vspace=4! _The following message was sent out by FAI Secretariat on 26 May 2011 to FAI Member NACs in the Asian region._

If you are a pilot interested to participate in the games, [this is what you should do|Information for pilots].

h5. *NACs are requested to register their interest to participate*

In OCA rules, the NOCs have the sole responsibility to select, register and participate athletes and officials in the Games. However, since athletes must hold a FAI Sporting Licence, FAI Members (National Air Sport Controls - NACs) are in practice directly involved in team selection and should recommend their team to their respective NOC for entry into the Games.
We look forward to receiving your “Declaration of Interest” soon, will keep you informed about further developments on a regular basis, and thank you very much for your cooperation.

With kind regards,-\-

*Jean-Marc BADAN*

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