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!otherCIMAevents:2012 3rd Asian Beach Games^abg logo 2.jpg|align=right, vspace=4! _The following message was sent out by FAI Secretariat on 26 May 2011 to FAI Member NACs in the Asian region._

If you are a pilot interested to participate in the games, [this is what you should do|3ABG Information for pilots].


*Dear FAI Members*,

As announced in our [FAI-News of 29 April,|]   Powered Paragliders (Paramotors) will, for the first time ever, be part of the official sports program of the Asian Beach Games to be held in Haiyang (CHN) from 16 to 22 June 2012.

h5. *Background Information*

The Asian Beach Games is a multi-sport event to be held every two years among athletes representing countries from Asia. The Games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which currently has a membership of 45 National Olympic Committees (NOC). The Sports Programme of the 3rd Asian Beach Games in June 2012 at Haiyang (CHN) includes an event for Powered Paragliders (Paramotors). 

FAI is recognized by the IOC and hence OCA as the World governing body for all airsports and is therefore responsible for providing the rules and technical assistance for this event; which it is doing via CIMA, the FAI Air Sport Commission responsible for Microlights and Paramotors, whose President Richard Meredith-Hardy has been appointed by the FAI as Technical Delegate to the Local Organising Committee. The Powered Paragliders (Paramotors) event at the 3rd Asian Beach Games will most probably be based on the principles adopted for the FAI World Air Games 2009, which focused on short, media\- and public-attractive tasks.

h5. *NACs are requested to register their interest to participate*

In OCA rules, the NOCs have the sole responsibility to select, register and participate athletes and officials in the Games. However, since athletes must hold a FAI Sporting Licence, FAI Members (National Air Sport Controls - NACs) are in practice directly involved in team selection and should recommend their team to their respective NOC for entry into the Games.

For planning purposes, the Haiyang Asian Beach Games Organizing Committee (HABGOC) are asking NOCs right now to declare in which events they might be able to enter a team. There are currently rather few NOCs which have registered an interest to participate in the Powered Paraglider (Paramotor) event; indeed there is a risk there might not be the minimum number of countries required by OCA rules. The FAI Executive Board thinks this is not so much because there are not the potential athletes, but because NOCs in general are not very familiar with our Air Sports.

At this stage it is not necessary for NACs to consider athlete names, as the deadline for that is still months away. But it is very important for all NACs who think they might be able to recommend one or more athletes for the Games to make contact with their NOC as soon as possible and make sure their NOC has registered an interest with HABGOC to participate in the Powered Paraglider (Paramotor) event at the Games.

For information, there is no Athlete entry fee for the Asian Beach Games, but there will be expenses in the form of the Athletes Village accommodation fee (approx. USD 50 per day) and the cost of getting to the Games and home again.

h5. *Declaration of Interest*

_Instructions to NACs were included here on how they should go about getting in touch with their_ _[respective NOCs|]_ _and asked them to copy it to FAI as promptly as possible, but by 3 June 2011 at the latest._

h5. *Further Information / References*

If you have questions or need further assistance about the 3rd Asian Beach Games, please don't hesitate to contact us :
* [Richard Meredith-Hardy|] , FAI Technical Delegate to the 3rd Asian Beach Games
* Jean-Marc Badan, FAI Sports & Development Director at [FAI Secretariat|] .

The following links will also be helpful to get more information about the Olympic Council of Asia and about the Asian Beach Games :
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We look forward to receiving your “Declaration of Interest” soon, will keep you informed about further developments on a regular basis, and thank you very much for your cooperation.

With kind regards,-\-

*Jean-Marc BADAN*
FAI Sports & Development Director