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Digital scoreboards

Real information rather thin at the moment. If anyone has anything to add - please add it!

Question to a manager at Swiss Timing, developers of the ABG 2012 scoring system (and many others)

How do you drive LED score displays? Are they all different, or do they generally need a video-out feed or something? I have no idea, so any guidance would be most gratefully received.


  • Depending on the technical specification of the boards (Full-Video Board, etc,) we define the interface, which we can use.
  • We provide a scoreboard control machine to generate the output to the LED board (DVI, HDMI...). The provider of the scoreboards has to convert the signal (from our machine) and feed the scoreboard.


Would I be right in thinking there are two broad categories of display?

a) Text only, basically you give it a string of text and that gets displayed.

b) Full video, basically capable of showing anything you would see on a TV. More complicated to set up because it needs a sort of video template into which the data is inserted, and then displayed.


Yes. You are right.

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