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p20 - New Economy Task 3.B7

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Andy Phillips, GBR

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New Economy Task 3.B7

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[Based on exisiting economy tasks, but adapted to the proposed new fuelling procedures - this proposal is dependant on the acceptance of Proposal p12]


This task is for use in tasks based on weight of fuel used in flight.


Fly a given number of laps, ideally at least 40km total distance (for instance 20 x 2km laps) then return to the deck by using as little fuel as possible.

Special rules

No height limit but each lap must be validated by kicking one stick on the upwind leg.

Only one attempt at kicking a stick per lap.

There are several sticks available to kick to avoid congestion but some of the sticks are positioned in such a way as to increase the lap distance.

Time starts from launch and ends on landing back on the deck.

Reversed championship order is preferable.

Pilots can carry as much fuel as they wish.

Penalty for landing outside the deck (50%)

Penalty for landing outside the field (100%)

Penalty for not flying the minimum required number

of laps (100%)

No penalty for flying more laps than the required number


( 1000 x FUmin / FUp )


FUp = The amount of fuel used by a pilot to fly the task

FUmin = The minimum amount of fuel used

Note: By not imposing a maximum height, we can make this task much safer, even in windy conditions. Loggers should be used. Laps should be big enough to cater for many pilots, now able to fly the whole task. Overtaking would be easier and much safer with more height and the bigger laps. Keeping track of the number of laps flown is a skill in itself and if pilots have doubts, then they may have to fly more laps to avoid penalties.

Marshals would only have to take a note of pilots failing to kick a stick with a view to void those laps.

This task is still primarily a pure economy task but the kicking sticks, the climbing back to a safe height, the keeping count, the improved overtaking and the full participation of every pilot have the potential to make this task real fun, much safer and a great spectacle for the public. 


This task is for use with the weighed fuel proposal #p12

Added by Andy PHILLIPS Last edited by Richard Meredith-Hardy on 27 Oct, 2011 17:29. Quick links: or p20 - New Economy Task 3.B7
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