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6 = Record claims

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Richard Meredith-Hardy, CIMA President

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International record claims must be ratified as a national record first.

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New text

S10 3.16.4 To be eligible as a World Record, the performance must have been recognized as a National record by the NAC concerned

NOTE 1 This proposal is dependent on the outcome of the decision in the October 2012 CASI meeting. If that proposal fails, then this proposal can safely be withdrawn.

NOTE 2 If this proposal is accepted by CIMA, the references to this provision must be amended in both record claim forms.


This provision is currently in GS 6.1.2 but there is a move to delete it.

This subject came up at the 2011 CASI meeting and the CIMA President gave very good reasons why it was a bad idea for CIMA. The [pre-meeting notes, item 9] conclude:

  • If the ancient link between National & World claims is broken then there will be a proliferation of national records which exceed the World record.
  • This devalues FAI World records, and in particular, Microlight & Paramotor ones.

And when it came to a vote, the proposal failed.

It is again in the October 2012 CASI meeting agenda, and for the same reasons, which are nothing to do with CIMA. (see [CASI Agenda, Annex 2]) but its effect on Microlight and Paramotor record claims could be permanently detrimental.

World Microlight and Paramotor record claims from NACs have a particularly poor history of being rejected by FAI. The only check on this is the fact that all claims must be ratified as a national record first. If this requirement is removed then it essentially opens a floodgate of claims to FAI which won't have been checked properly, and they will either be accepted by FAI, potentially devaluing all records, or create a terrible lot of extra and unnecessary work for Secretariat in having to refer these unchecked claims back to the submitting NAC.

There are other, more subtle consequences too. It allows NACs to relax their checking of National record claims. This means that a pilot could have the record X ratified as a national record to some lesser standard which causes it to fail as a World claim, but it can safely still stand as a national record.

In the first instance, if that national record exceeds the world record this won't stop the holder claiming 'world record' even though it is not (most people will still believe it is). This devalues FAI's authority as 'keeper of World records'.

In the second instance, The same NAC can now file a later World claim less than national record X but exceeding the current World Record. This makes a real muddle of that NACs National and World records and was previously the 'check' which meant it couldn't be done at least without some embarrasment and back-peddaling internal to the NAC, now it can.

This proposal therefore moves the deleted section of the GS into S10 and the current integrity of microlight and paramotor World records is preserved.

Added by Richard Meredith-Hardy Last edited by Rob HUGHES on 26 Sep, 2012 19:40. Quick links: or 6 = Record claims
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