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16 - POL - Continental Paramotor League Cup

Proposal from

Wojtek Domański, Polish alternate delegate

Proposal title

Continental Paramotor League Cup

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A wish to have a kind of Paramotor League Cup has been expressed several times already by various people from many countries. This proposal is a compilation of those various ideas, into a somehow homogeneous project presented in a table below.

The intention of this proposal is that the league should be started immediately, ready for the 2011 season. League rules will eventually need to go in Section 10, but for the first year should be maintained separately under the control of a new CIMA working group.

The WG will initially have to produce a simple set of working rules and application forms based on the concepts proposed below. It will also have to work out procedures for payments, FAI Licence checking, maintaining the league tables etc., some of which will need to be agreed in cooperation with FAI secretariat. Ideally, all this should be in place by the end of January 2011 so organizers have plenty of time to integrate their events into the league, and pilots have plenty of time to organize their FAI licences.

The WG should also have the power to alter rules during the course of the season (though not retrospectively) if it sees, or anticipates, things happening contrary to the agreed concepts.

The WG should be prepared to present a report to the 2011 CIMA Plenary. The report should include a proposal for a definitive set of rules to be permanently included in FAI Section 10.

There is no reason to believe this league concept would not work equally well for microlights, however, to avoid the risk of it all getting too complicated too quickly, this proposal is just for Paramotors in the first year. The WG should include in its report a recommendation regarding the inclusion of microlights in future years.

Continental Paramotor League Cup, e.g.:
  •   European Paramotor League Cup
  •   Asian Paramotor League Cup
  •   etc.

It is important that name contains two significant words:

  1.   the continent name
  2.   the word 'cup'

These both describe a sport event that is recognised by Ministry of Sport in various countries. Recognition of MoS-es implies possibility to subsidize a national team participation.

League Cup validity
At least 4 valid League Cup events in a season.

Each class is validated separately.

League Cup season starts at October the 1st every year, and finishes September the 30th next year.

Valid League Cup event
  1. Event must be open to foreign pilots. A minimum of 20% of pilots/crews must come from nations other than that of the organiser (for each class separately).
  2. Minimum number of participating pilots to validate the class:
    • PF1: 10 pilots
    • PF2: 4 crews
    • PL1: 7 pilots
    • PL2: 4 crews
  3. 50% of tasks from official FAI CIMA catalogue
  4. Minimum 6 tasks in the normal proportions of points to win:
    • 1/3: economy
    • 1/3: navigation
    • 1/3: precision
  5. An event has to be registered in CIMA Wiki Calendar at least 45 days before the competition. Event is considered registered since two conditions are fulfilled:
    • an application form is properly filled and published on a proper CIMA Wiki space by an authorised CIMA delegate,
    • a sanction fee is delivered into an FAI account
  6. The scores are published on a proper CIMA Wiki space by am authorised CIMA delegate within 14 days after closing the League Cup event.
Application form The organiser must provide the following at a minimum of 45 days before the event:
  • A completed application form to a proper CIMA Wiki space by authorised CIMA delegate from organizer country
  • The sanction fee (one pilot entry fee, minimum of €50) is received by the FAI. This will enable the event to appear on the FAI calendar and be publicised as a Category 2 event.
  • Events must have the approval of the National Aero Club (NAC) of the organiser in order to be sanctioned as Category 2. If the event is to be held in the territory of another NAC then the organiser must also obtain authorization from that NAC.
  • Organizers must report results of pilots, marking every pilot that holds valid FAI sporting licence.
Individual ranking
Upon each League Cup event final results, a pilots scoring in League Cup is calculated using a French style scoring system:
1 st 30 pts.
2 nd 25 pts.
3 rd 22 pts.
4 th and further (24 - pilot position) pts.
but not less then 2 pts.

In the case there is less then 22 pilots or crew participating, each pilot result is decreased by the difference between 22 and a number of pilots participating. For example for a competition of 7 crews points for positions from 1st to 7th are applied as follows: 15, 10, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2.

All participating pilots who at least finished 1 task are scored in the event, however in CPLC ranking system only pilots with a valid FAI licence are scored.

Final pilot score is a sum of maximum X best pilot results, where X is a rounded up half of the number of League Cups events run in a certain season (i.e. 4->2, 5->3, 6->3, 7->4, etc.)

National ranking A score of a national team is a sum of best three pilots/crews from each class that was declared valid. There is one national ranking summarizing scores from all classes.
Elective teams ranking
Any firm or private person can register an elective team by:
  • placing a properly filled registration form in a proper space of CIMA Wiki, through an authorised CIMA delegate,
  • delivering a sanction fee of €75 into an FAI account

The idea is meant to allow manufacturers to form their factory teams, but also to allow pilots to form their own social teams.
Pilot registers an optional "team" name at every event, which is scored the same way as national team (or not at all if pilot has not registered as part of a team). Pilots are allowed to change their elective team before each League Cup event.

Results publication: The results are continuously maintained on the CIMA Wiki. Final trophies (diplomas) are granted during annual CIMA meeting at November. The following awards may be granted:
  • individual - for three best pilots/crews in each class
  • national - for three best countries
  • team - for three best elective teams


Paramotor League Cup run as a FAI category 2 competitions, will bring two basic benefits:

  1. will increase pilots motivation to take part in international competitions
  2. in case there are no FAI category 1 competition (like this year), will allow to apply for government sport subsidy


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Microsoft Excel Sheet continental league cup scoring.xls 22 kB Richard Meredith-Hardy 25 Oct, 2010 09:00 Spreadsheet showing how the scoring works

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