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06 - New Microlight Precision Task - Circle

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Michael KANIA, Germany

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06 - New Microlight Precision Task - Circle

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The objective is to fly a precise 360 degree circle around a marker in a given minimum height of 700ft AGL in a range of radius of minimum 200 meters to a maximum of 750 meters. The competitor may choose the radius within the given limits. To fly into the circle the competitor has to overfly the entry point (EP) as well as the center marker (CM) in a straight line initially.

After passing the center marker the competitor has to bank into the left using a desired radius. The first 180 degrees are for orientation purposes and not scored, even if the limits are exceeded. After 180 degrees, passing the given entry line (X) the scoring starts for the next 360 degrees. The scoring ends by crossing the entry line (X). The competitor has to leave the circle heading to the next waypoint (WP). 


Competitors will be given:

  • The position of the entry point (EP)
  • The position of the center marker (CM)
  • The next Waypoint (WP) after leaving the task
  • The elevation of the CM above MSL


During the task the competitor has to ensure that his aircraft is operating within the limits of speed, bank and g-force defined for the aircraft. The competitor is responsible to fly within the legal regulation, especially with respect to the minimum altitude.

The organizer has to ensure that only one aircraft is flying within the task at one time, to avoid critical approaches. Therefore, the organizer can issue special instructions regarding height or heading for entering or leaving the task.


The maximum score is given if the circle is flown exact circular, within the given limits.

P= (Rmin/Rmax – 0,5) * 400

Pmax = 200

  • The task will be scored with 0 points if**  Ratio of Rmin to Rmax is 0,5 or smaller** The CM is located outside of the flown circle
    • EP and CM are not flown over within the briefed limits
    • The aircraft leaves the limits of the radius
    • The aircraft leaves the given altitude limits


Please find attached a proposal for a new task for microlights. I have discussed this proposal with several pilots and we believe that  it could be an interesting task. My experience is that pilots who have a perfect time- and space- coordination and good feeling for the aircraft can reach the perfect score. However, accurate judgement of the wind force is a crucial factor as well. I have flown this in trials myself (I can provide a track log for example) and I will have more feedback from other pilots who are testing this before I come to the Plenary. I will schedule the task also for the next German competition to get more experience, whatever the CIMA voting will be.

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