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01 - CZE - Championship information system

Proposal from

Vladimir SILHAN (CZE)

Proposal title

Chamionship information system, allowing for electronic system

Existing text


New text

4.7.7 Championship Information System  For Championship Information System is responsible Championship director. Championship Information System must assure permanent publication of relevant
            information at least for team-leaders, competitors, jury members and stewards. Championship Information System shall inform about: Any rules not specified in Local regulations (take off and landing procedures,                
              prohibited area and so on) Times of briefings Planed tasks inclusive task sheets Results of tasks Complaints Protests Information system may be established in two forms: Official board, where shall be printed and signed information and files boxes--     
              “pigeon holes” - where will be available printed information about task sheets,
               briefings and daily plans and results at least for each team-leader, jury member and
               steward and task sheets for each competitor (crew), team leader, jury member and   
               steward; Electronic information system – intranet, where shall be published the same
               information as shall be distributed by pigeon holes. Electronic systems don’t
               supply Official board and may altered only pigeon holes. Documents and
               information issued by intranet needn’t be signed by competition director and
               shall be published in electronic editable format. Electronic information system may be used only, when IT infrastructure
               assures not interrupted availability of information at least for 1 computer for
               each team-leader. In local regulations must be published requirements for technical
               parameters of computers for connection into the intranet.  In the case, when not   
               interrupted availability of information will be not assured, shall be used only the
               information system by article    Publishing of new information shall be or announced by sound signal in the camp or
              publishing shall be organized in pre defined hours. No information may be published from 22:00 to 06:00 local time and in the time,  
               when tasks runs. Task runs from the first take off time from domestic airfield – 1  
               hour up to time of last landing at domestic airfield + 30 minutes. 


In EMC 2010 was used electronic information system. Current section 10 is intended to be used the classical board and pigeon holes and new electronic system isn’t supported by the S10.  For accordance of competitions with the S10 is a new rule for electronic information system needed. The new electronic system doesn’t alter a classical official board.  Some documents MUST be signed by competition director or jury. From this point of view, no any results in EMC 2010 were valid and results of the championship might be infirmed from formal reasons.


System worked well in the organizers server in EMC 2010 and probably future will be in electronic, but IT infrastructure was very forceless, connection was permanently interrupted and was too slow.  This affect made information system difficult for use. Publishing of new information was announced only by message in the system and there was no independent announcement, that new information is available.  For good information teams should have a special guy for permanent checking, if something new is published in the intranet.  Announcing of issuing of new information is easy for competition organizer and having of some amplifier or siren isn’t a big cost. 


Some teams haven’t a special team-leader, some pilot or a crew member is team-leader. In this case the great disadvantage arises for like this team, when new information is published, when tasks runs.

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