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Plenary 2010

The CIMA Plenary is the highest authority within CIMA.

The 2010 Plenary is now over. The minutes of the meeting will be published in due course.

The purpose of the CIMA Plenary 2010 space was to bring together all proposals and documentation for the 2010 CIMA Plenary meeting in Lausanne, 11-13 November 2010.

The agenda and many other useful documents may be found in the Documents and reports page.

They are also on the main FAI portal together with the minutes in the meeing section at

If you're wondering what the CIMA Bureau did between the 2009 and 2010 plenaries, see [CIMA Bureau - 2010 business]


Delegates were asket to register for the Plenary, or say they couldn't come, at Doodle

Note; this was set up by FAI Secretariat but you might be advised to switch off Javascript in your browser before you go there as there has been at least one report the page wants to get extended privileges on your computer to locally execute an application...

New venue

The meeting was at Maison du Sport International - MSI, the future new home of FAI Secretariat. It takes 15-25 minutes to get there from Hotel Aulac at Ouchy where most delegates stay. You will find bus timetables and instructions on how to find it with Documents and reports.
The conference room is equipped with free wifi internet and the AV screens are 16:9 aspect ratio.


In the build-up to this meeting, they are all in the Calendar

10 September 2010:

THIS IS NOW PASSED.  Colibri Diploma proposals. These MUST be received by the secretariat at least 2 months before the meeting. (See S10 2.1)

29 September 2010, midnight UTC

THIS IS NOW PASSED.  Plenary agenda deadline. If Delegates had any burning issues they wanted included in the agenda they had to send them to the President before then. The agenda is in Documents and reports

20 October 2010, midnight UTC


S10 amendments deadline. This year, amendments were managed on the wiki in the CIMA Section 10 – Current Proposals section.  To make a proposal delegates had to log in and a special template was ready for them to add in proposals. The wiki was established for exactly this type of work and has all the advantages of letting delegates do the editing, and everyone else can make comments. The objective of course it to arrive at a definitive series of proposals by the deadline which will ‘work’ within the greater context of the whole of S10 and will be presented in the normal way to the plenary for a YES or NO answer.

29 October 2010.


This was the deadline for final publication of S10 proposals after review by the S10 sub-committee. Two weeks before the Plenary meeting.


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