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The CIMA wiki is a collaborative environment designed for CIMA delegates to conduct CIMA business in an effecient manner and generally add to the fund of knowledge which will further CIMA's interests in the future. In order to optimize this, the wiki operates on the notion of collective document ownership where everyone must be able to create documents and to change documents created by others in whatever way they think necessary. Of course this is not 'unlimited' and is controlled by permissions restricted to CIMA Delegates.

It is true the same information can be maintained in a 'webmaster-centric' website such as the main FAI portal but this is difficult and time-consuming to manage and was found over a period of many frustrating years to simply not work for CIMA; either stuff was out of date or it just was not there.

When any user can modify the page and the page is inviting you to change it, then interesting things happen. Nobody is requiring data from others, nobody has any pressure, but pages get built full of rich information. The example is the wikipedia itself. Whenever people find something they judge wrong, inaccurate or incomplete, they simply change it.

There is nevertheless an element of personal responsibility because every change is recorded together with the identity of the person who made the change, and those changes can be rolled back if necessary.

Wikipedia is an example of how the right tool has promoted the creation of a colossal piece of knowledge. It's almost like magic. The message from the CIMA Internet Presence Working Group to CIMA Delegates about the CIMA wiki is simple: Don't be scared to break it, you can't. Use it, magic follows.

Help and documentation

You can find a guide to using this wiki in the FAI wiki documentation space.

CIMA wiki structure

The CIMA wiki is composed of the following spaces:

  • Wiki Home
  • CIMA Bureau space
  • Subcommitee (SC) and working group (WG)  spaces (Microlights, Paramotors, Section 10, FRAC, WAG...)
  • Championship spaces
  • Personal spaces

CIMA wiki permission policy

Every page in the wiki is controlled by permissions.

  • People without view permission for a page will usually be unaware a page even exists.
  • People without write permission for a page will not be able to edit it or delete it or change its permissions.

Although possible, permissions should never granted on an individual basis as it will become horribly complicated horribly quickly.

Instead they must be granted on a group basis. Users are assigned to groups, each space has one or more group permissions.

In principle all cima delegates are members of the cima-delegates group
Then there are other groups such as cima-bureau, cima-s10 etc. and appropriate users are assigned to these groups.
Finally there is the anonymous group which is anyone not logged in - so anyone in the World.

Groups (hence group members) are granted permissions according to the following protocol:

SC or WG space
personal space
CIMA Wiki Admin
Admin, Read, Write, Comment
    CIMA wiki administration is performed by the CIMA Internet Presence working group which is composed by elected CIMA delegates and designated staff from the FAI Secretariat.
CIMA Bureau
Read, Write, Comment     The CIMA Bureau members have full access to the wiki contents, excepting the space administration rights.
Each SC or WG member
Read, Comment
Read, Write, Comment   Each sub-committee or working group member has full access to the content of the corresponding space.
Each CIMA Delegate
Read, Comment
  Read, Write, Comment Each CIMA delegate can create and edit their own personal space, read and create comments in all spaces and can create and edit pages in some spaces.
Anonymous user
    Non-logged in users can view all spaces but can't see or create comments. 

All users with write permission to a page also have the ability to restrict read permission. Most likely, an author will want to restrict a page for viewing only by cima-delegates or perhaps just the group associated with that space (eg members of a WG or sub-committee).

Before you put restrictions on a page please remember the overriding principle of this wiki is collective document ownership described above. Generally you should favour the default which allows anonymous users to view the pages you make and CIMA Delegates to view and edit them - it is part of the magic of a wiki.

Added by José Luis Esteban Last edited by Richard Meredith-Hardy on 11 Nov, 2012 14:41. Quick links: or About the CIMA wiki
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