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6th EPC 2015

After the EPC-organizer Adi Busan has resignd, CIMA bureau are not confident, that there will be a sufficient competition for Paramotor in Romania this year.

While sticking to the rules we send the mail below to the NAC and set a deadline of 28 days. Via cima-com and cima-info  list the bureau will inform the community about the developement.

We ask all pilots not to not make any travel or other arrangements in connection with these championships until the CIMA Bureau has updated you on the situation.

We very much regret this situation and we are applying pressure on the organisers to fulfil their contract with the FAI.

Dear Sir,
we, the CIMA Bureau are in doubt, that your organisation is able to running the 6th European Paramotor Championship 2015 in Brasov, witch was agreed at the last CIMA meeting and which was negotiated with the organizer agreement between you and the FAI last year.
For us there is no evidence that there has been any organisation of this event. We understand that the CIMA Delegate, Mr. Adrian BUZAN, has resigned from the organising team. There is currently no information regarding the airfield, facilities, organising team, registration requirements, payment system or any other organisational facilities. We therefore believe that you are not in a position to organise these championships successfully. We require the following information from you within 28 days if you are to convince us that you will organise a successful championship:

1) the use of the airfield - confirmation from the airfield owner that the airfield is open to the championship organisers.
2) the NAC’s involvement - who is the responsible person for the NAC?
3) key staff members - who are the key people? We require names and contact details.
4) details of the competitor registration system
5) details of competition facilities and accommodation/camping/toilets/showers etc.
We would appreciated, if you don't use the 28 days and gives us an answer as soon as possible.
If we get no sufficient answers to our questions, we are forced to cancel this championship with all consequences.
Looking forward to here from you as soon as possible.
With regards
on behalf of CIMA
Wolfgang Lintl
1st Vice President

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