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Real time data capture

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4) Via mobile data network to a remote server. Could be file-based (eg dropbox) or https.

[MQTT|] might be a better option than http? Much lighter weight protocol highly suited for this type of requirement, [various Android apps|] , but does need a [broker|] and translation services to other protocols (eg [Mule ESB|]).

The choice of which system is used is dependent on the sophistication of the user. Variant 1 should require nothing more than a single computer connected to a wireless router in access-point mode which is within range of the terminals in use.

h5. Security

* On an internal subnet this is probably quite easy to arrange, simply set up the wifi so it is dedicated only to data collection and have it protected by normal WEP security. The terminal devices are set up with the appropriate password to the access point, nobody else on site has access. Note however that this simple setup relies on the data collection and the scoring being totally isolated from any other network. If you are intending to use the system to publish scores to the local 'public' network you will probably need to look into having a switch or router which can route selected traffic between local subnets through a firewall.
* Connections to remote internet based servers must be https. Regular basic authentication is then probably good enough and its not necessary to mess with complicated systems like oAuth.

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