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2016 WMPC Popham

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Report Monitor the status of preparations for the 15 FAI WMC and 9 FAI WPC 2016

Prepared on the basis of documents provided by the organizer, without local vision.
Decision of the President and CIMA office (e-mail dated 27 April 2016 from Robert Hughes) decided to cancel monitor visit.

May 31 Barney Townsend sent materials WMPC - Full Layouts, Popham- Daily Flying activates. Full Layouts provides a breakdown of the airfield to the zone for flight operations and facilities championships. Daily Flying activites timetable to carry out the competition during the championships.

The email contains a link to a photo showing the whole airport.

Monitor has read the document from the website of the championship.

All documents and e-mail from Barney you can find in attachment of e-mail.

All uploaded, as well as posted on the materials do not raise objections and are in a professional manner

The only thing you should pay attention to this - the lack of application of a Paramotor Competition Area for the championship Roundwood Airstrip, which are to be held competitions for technical paramotor.

The division of zones for the players, organizers, as well as parking microlight, taxiways, etc. Is properly planned. The only fear what comes to mind is, unfortunately, not enough space at the airfield with such a large number of teams entered. As at August 1 - 94 competitors Paramotor and 68 Microlight competitors. It can be expected that the championship will be attended by approx. 140 aircraft. Doubts also may raise the number of camping sites for each representation. These doubts have been transferred during the Test Event on June 28 in Wroclaw. Robert Hughes Event Director WMPC, confirmed that the airport is small, but hopes that with good organization there are no problems.
On the website of the organizer but there is no information whether the championship will be available for competitors Internet network. Experience shows that in order to provide access to the Internet around 300 people, is necessary to create a separate Internet connection.
It is recommended that the organizer, paying special attention to the proper preparation of sanitary facilities, adequate amount of toilets as well as showers.
The level of preparation of documentation, as well as information on the championship, provide a full professionalism of the organizers. Unfortunately there are no possibilities to see the airfield and confirm this information. However, through regular exchanges of information with the organizers, as well as a conversation with the Event Director in Wrocław fully recommend the level of preparation organizer WMPC 2016 Popham.


Natalia Paska

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