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Estonian report, CIMA 2012




73 FAI Paramotoring licences were issued at 2012 to PPG pilots in Estonia. This is a significant number with only around 150 paramotor pilots in Estonia.

No licences for microlights were issued as there is no competition activities in microlights.



At 2012 our aim was mostly on preparations for EPC2013 which started actively right after CIMA decision at plenary in November 2011.

It was obvious that we have to organize a testevent at same season and at the same location, to test our organization, map, tasks, accommodation and other services and also our public opening ceremony with air parade and air show program.

There were also Estonian Championships and WPLC connected to this event and it happened in the end of May with very useful results.


After successful EPC testevent we organised traditional Paramotor Endurance Race, already third time altogether. This format is developed in Estonia, tested thoroughly and this time held as a two day event with 20 hours limited flying time.

Rules and regulations were issued also in English this time as there were visiting pilots interested in participation.

Latest rules of Paramotor Endurance format can be found on the site of EPPA:


This year Estonian team also visited some competitions abroad (BOPC and WPC)


At 2012 there were no serious paramotor accidents in Estonia.



With regards,


Paap Kõlar

Estonian CIMA Delegate


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