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2021 Documents and reports

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CIMA Plenary 20 21


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Delegate’s report



1) Introduction

Overview of activity since the last plenary meeting
Activity slow due to Covid-19 precautions & restrictions.



2) Sport in your country


National Championships successfully carried out 25-27 June 2021
Due to the use of Espen Grønstads Air Sports Live Tracking system we were able to attract significantly more participants and have an unprecedented live presentation of the championships on national television.

CIMA Championships:
Norw. Team for FAI WMC Hosin, selected, but WMC cancelled.

FAI CIMA records

Special achievements or awards

Colibri activity

FAI records


3) Regulatory and legal issues

Changes to law or regulations

What are the legal MTOM weight limits in your country for:

Microlights: 450/472,5 kg

Autogyros: 560 kg

as per present EASA Basic Regulation

Norway OPT-OUT for 600kg MTOM /45 kts stallspeed is in process for implementation, probably happening 1. Quarter 2022


4) Statistics

Number of members in your association:
Norwegian Airsport Federation, Sport Aircraft Section

Members as of 31.12 .20 20 1160  

- Number of current microlight pilot licences in your country (total):  

  564 valid as of 31.12.2020 ,

- Number of registered / flying classic microlight /sport aircraft: 3 11 as of 31.12. .20 20 ,  

- Annual total microlight /sport aircraft Flight Hours (20 20 ): 10427 hours  
- Annual total microlight /sport aircraft Flight s (20 20 ): 28453 flights

- Number of Paramotors approx. 200  


Accident statistics

- Number of incident reports last year 3 8

- Number of fatalities (20 20 ): 2   (this year 2021 none, so far)


5) Any other comments

By 01.01.2020 the Microlight Section of Norwegian Airsport Federation changed its name to the Sport Aircraft Section .

Terminology for microlight aircraft is subsequently changed to Sport Aircraft .



Tormod Veiby

Delegate for Norway

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