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CIMA Plenary 201 9


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Delegate’s report



1) Introduction

Overview of activity since the last plenary meeting



2) Sport in your country

CIMA Championships:
Norw. Team for FAI EMC 2019 in Ignalina, Lituania had to cancel in last minute due to force majeure/illness

FAI CIMA records

Special achievements or awards
The Norwegian King’s Cup awarded Per T. Hoiland & Hakon Fosso @201 9 Norw Microlight Championships.

Colibri activity

FAI records


3) Regulatory and legal issues

Changes to law or regulations

What are the legal MTOM weight limits in your country for:

Microlights: 450/472,5 kg

Autogyros: 560 kg

as per present EASA Basic Regulation

Norway OPT-OUT for 600kg MTOM /45 kts stallspeed is in process for implementation 2. Quarter 2020


4) Statistics

Number of members in your association:
Norwegian Airsport Federation, Microlight Section

Members as of 1.1.2017;  920  

- Number of microlight pilot licences in your country (total):  

  6 42 valid as of 01.01.2018 ,

- Number of registered / flying classic microlight aircraft: 3 50 as of 1.1.201 8 ,  

- Annual total microlight Flight Hours (201 8 ): 14 500 hours  


- Number of Paramotors approx. 200  


Accident statistics

- Number of incident reports last year 3 8

- Number of fatalities (201 8 ): 4


5) Any other comments

By 01.01.2020 the Microlight Section of Norwegian Airsport Federation is changing its name to the Sport Aircraft Section .

Terminology for microlight aircraft is subsequently changing to Sport Aircraft .



Tormod Veiby

Delegate for Norway

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