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Dear CIMA Delegates, CIMA Representatives and pilots

On behalf of the French Microlight Federation  FFPLUM , I would like to invite all competitors to the World Cup in mania for Paramotor " Slalomania" September  2011.

Included a set of rules with a task catalogue. Registration would be on line soon on [|]. 

Please, forward the invitation to your paramotor team. Thank you in advance.

[cima:slalomania rules|2011 Paramotor World Cup "SLALOMANIA" France^« SLALOMANIA FINALend»English.docx]

[cima:Slalomania task catalogue|2011 Paramotor World Cup "SLALOMANIA" France^SLALOMANIAcatalogueUK-1.docx]

[otherCIMAevents:report of Slalomania by René Verschueren]