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In WLC, Elective teams are designed to allow manufacturers to form their factory teams, and also to allow pilots to form their own social teams.

Team 'owners' may invite as many people to be in their team as they like. [See the FAQ|cimaContinentalCup:WLC - FAQ] for instructions on how to establish a team.

At registration, pilots or crews must declare to the event organizer which (if any) single team he/they will be a member of at that event. This declaration may not be changed after the first task has started and must be included in the results provided by the organizer to FAI after the event.

The [general scoring|WLC Results 2012] includes elective team results, Diplomas are awarded at the end of the season to the owners of the first, second and third placed teams.

h3. 2012 teams
Event organizers should include each pilot's Elective team ID (if any) in the results returned to WLC according to this table.

|| ID || Team name || Description || Owner ||
| 1 | Dudek Paragliders | Every pilot flying Dudek wing in WLC event is invited to join Dudek Paragliders Elective Team | [Dudek|] [] |
| 2 | | | |
| 3 | | | |