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h3. CIMA Ranking system Working Group report to the 2010 CIMA Plenary

h5. Members

* Richard Meredith-Hardy (GBR), Chairman
* Ágúst Guðmundsson (ISL)

h5. Background

The WG was established at the 2009 Plenary, [the proposal|cimaContinentalCup:Original proposal to CIMA] was:
* A working party or subcommittee is set up to create a ranking system for paramotors based on the CIVL system.
* NACs should be asked to provide results data from the 2009 season for any open competitions which had at least 50% of tasks which were of a style recognizably from the S10 task catalogue.
* NACs to be asked to provide 2010 results data on the same basis. (including WAG qualifying competitions)
* An 'unofficial' 2009/2010 ranking and an assessment of whole scheme to be provided to the 2010 CIMA plenary meeting with a view of formally adopting it from then onwards.

h5. Work the WG has done


The Chairman apologizes, but has been too busy with other matters to do the work and chase results.

h5. Moving forwards

The WG very much hopes the Polish proposal to establish a [Continental League Cup|cimaS10:16 - POL - Continental Paramotor League Cup] succeeds at the 2010 Plenary.  If it does, this WG recommends that its brief is widened to encompass the management of the League Cup, the WG’s name is amended accordingly, and a larger number of Delegates who are prepared to do the work join it.

The requirements for the management of the League Cup are slightly different to the original brief for this WG, but it will encourage organizers to start sending their results to CIMA in a standard format for collation into the league results.  This will provide the beginnings of a collection of results data which could eventually be re-processed into the beginnings of a global ranking system;  the WG should retain this ambition.