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h3. Proposal from

José Luis Esteban, Spanish Delegate.

h3. Proposal title

Publication of track logs

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h3. New text


*4.34 SCORING*

{color:#ff0000}4.34.20 The track logs used to score a task should be made available to all competitors as soon as possible.{color}

h3. Reason

Many competitors expect track logs to be published and request that service from the organiser. Also, championships where track logs have been published had a reduced number of complaints.

Tracks can be made available as computer files in the original IGC format or in any other popular formats such as KML (Google Earth). Or the organiser can provide some computers where competitors can view their tracks.

However, at this moment there is no rule about the availability of tracks to competitors, making it mandatory, recommended or forbidden. CIMA should take a position on this.