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Vladimir SILHAN (CZE)

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Advance notice for inspections

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h3. New text

{panel}               Any inspection of the airplane provided by organizers mustn’t be provided in period from start of planning time -- 5 minutes up to finishing of debriefing after landing. Organizer shall specify in the briefing duty for presence of competitors and their aircrafts in quarantine zone 20 minutes before the planning time as maximum for inspections of aircrafts and equipment. Start list order shall be not changed for inspection reasons.               If a special Inspection for which the aircraft must visit a specified place (for example hangar for weighing) is necessary, must be competitor and team leader invited for this inspection at least 1 hour in advance. In this case, competitor is obliged to carry his airplane to the specified location with empty fuel tank and with all equipment needed for the following task. Inspection must be finished at least 15 minutes before relevant planning time.  Organizer may decide, that airplane will be under oversight of marshals and pilot mustn’t make anything with his airplane up to start of planning time excluded refuelling by approved amount of fuel, pre-flight check, and warm up of the engine under marshals supervision. Marshals are authorized for personal check of the pilot (crew), that no any additional fuel or equipment was brought. During planning period pilot (crew) can make pre-flight preparation and taxi for takeoff under supervision, but marshals doesn’t disturb crew from planning and preparation of the flight.

h3. Reason

Reason -- changing of the starting list and starting order makes risks and disadvantages for pilots, which must overfly slower aircrafts at the track. This may make collision situations in the track and gates and can make bad concentration of pilots for the task. This is a big disadvantage for competitors. Any checks and inspections shouldn’t generate disadvantages or additional loading for any competitor.