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h2. CIMA approval documents and instructions

{warning:title=Air Observer is obsolete}
Following a decision of the CIMA Plenary 2015, the Air Observer is considered obsolete and is no longer approved for use in CIMA Sanctioned championships.

For both the Air observer Mini and Air Observer Micro, see the [CIMA section of the main FAI website|]

h2. Air Observer Downloader

This is used to download the data from Air Observer Mini and Micro loggers to CIMA IGC format.

Installing Air Observer Downloader software is a bit tricky because the installer is pants and does not work properly, but if you follow these instructions carefully you should be able to get it to work. 
* [Download the software|^Air Observer full].
* Unzip the file somewhere on your computer.
* In the Install folder, double click on *SETUP.EXE* to run the installer.
* Once the installer has finished, go back to the original zip file you downloaded and find the file *after install/AO_MLR.exe*. This must be copied *over* the one the installer put in the install location (eg _C:\Program Files\TiltTech\AO_MLR Downloader\AO_MLR.exe_)
* Copy the two files *loggers.tsv* and *tasks.tsv* to the location where you plan to eventually save your output .igc files.
* Now you can run the downloader\! The installer should have put a shortcut in your start menu.
* Set the location where the eventual output files will be saved.
* Plug in the Air Observer, it does not need to be switched on.
* If windows asks for a USB driver you must now install it... A wizard will open, manually select the *3-USB Driver* folder in the zip file you downloaded.  The wizard should find the correct files and install them onto your computer.
* The Air Observer should now download automatically.
* Note that it is MUCH easier and faster to download Air Observers when the ID of each one has been saved and a task window has been set.
* See Annex 2 of the [appropriate CIMA approval document|]  for full downloader instructions.

Note this install is known to work on Windows XP and possibly Vista.  It is not known if it works with Windows 7.

h2. Documents