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*The CIMA Plenary is the highest authority within CIMA*. Here you will find all documentation for the 2022 CIMA Plenary meeting. The agenda and many other useful documents may be found in the [Documents and reports|cimaPlenaries:2023 Documents and reports] page or on the FAI portal at: []. [Proposals for amendments to Sporting Code Section 10|cimaS10:2021 Proposals] are made in their own part of the wiki. If you're wondering what the CIMA Bureau has been up to since the last plenary, see [CIMA 2022 Business|] .

{note:title=Change of traditional Plenary dates}Historically, CIMA Plenaries were always in November. The [2022 Plenary|cimaPlenaries:Plenary 2022] decided to change this to February.This means that the next full plenary will be i20. - 24. February 2024.There will be an online 2023 Plenary meeting in the summer, but this is intended to be only to discuss an decide forthcoming championship bids.All other business, documents Etc should be added to the [2024 Plenary pages|cimaPlenaries:Plenary 2024]{note}

h3. Online meeting date

18th June 2023 

10:00 - 13:00 UTC

h3. Agenda

The [Agenda and annexes|].

h3. Registration

A registration page will be created nearer the time and will include full details on booking procedure.

h3. Meeting Minutes
[On the main FAI portal|]