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*Italy Nation / M. Orazi*

h3. Proposal title

12 - FAI's request for approval and accreditation of an ACCURACY championship in PF1 and PL1 category

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Italy NAC in 2023 will organize the first ACCURACY championship in PF1 and PL1 category. 

Official trials authorized by the NAC have already been held in 2022, with judges and competition directors already trained on this activity. 

The same precision tasks of the FAI classic task catalogue will be adopted, to stay aligned with the already approved regulations.

New tasks and a specific regulation for the Accuracy championship may be considered for the future.

h3. Reason

*More pilots in the sport*
Accuracy is a competition that will be able to lead to more participating pilots.
The rules are simple and pilots approaching this type of competition will be able to train easily "at home".
The pilot will not have to buy specific equipment but will be able to participate with safe and standard flying equipment without this creating major differences from the equipment used by competitors. 

*Simple and cost-effective organization*
The organization and management of the event will be simplified.
The competition can be held on any field without special requirements and complicated permits regarding airspace, this will allow more local aero clubs to organize stages for the national championship.
Scoring is simple, accurate, few claims and quick.

*Spectators, sponsors, broadcasting*
The accuracy competition will be placed in strategic locations for the public, which can offer facilities and allow people to watch the show on the competition field.
The idea is to create a pleasant party atmosphere around the event in which sponsors can join. 
The accuracy championship in paragliding is already a reality that is having success, we believe that paramotor has far greater potential for this type of competition.