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Entries to the Powered Paraglider (Paramotor) event in the Asian Beach Games are open to athletes from any of the 45 Asian Nations whose [National Olympic Committees|] (NOCs) are affiliated to the [Olympic Council of Asia|] (OCA).

Athletes cannot enter individually, and unlike a FAI championship, [FAI member NACs|] cannot enter teams either. Only NOCs can enter teams, but since all pilots must posess an FAI Sporting Licence, Athlete selection must be a cooperative effort between NACs and NOCs.

At this stage, NOCS have only been asked by SABGOC if they want to enter a team in this event and these ones responded.
The deadline for this was 31 January and we do not know if further nations can be accepted into this event, but *it may still be worth asking your NAC to ask your NOC to ask SABGOC*.

|| NOC ||
|Bahrain |
|China |
|China Hong Kong |
|Indonesia |
|Kuwait |
|Malaysia |
|Mongolia |
|Qatar |
|Thailand |

The next deadline *13 April* is for *entry by number* where NOCs must tell SABGOC how many athletes they will be entering in each sport. It is likely this deadline will NOT be negotiable.