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*The CIMA Plenary is the highest authority within CIMA*. Here you will find all documentation for the 2019 CIMA Plenary meeting. The agenda and many other useful documents may be found in the [Documents and reports|2019 documents & reports] page or on the FAI portal at: []. [Proposals for amendments to Sporting Code Section 10|cimaS10:2019 Proposals] are made in their own part of the wiki. If you're wondering what the CIMA Bureau has been up to since the last plenary, see [CIMA Bureau - 2019 business|cimaBureau:2019 Business]

h3. Minutes
The meeting is now over; the [minutes|] and all the annexes are available on the [FAI website|]


h3. Agenda

The [Agenda and annexes|] will be published after the deadline for proposals (see below).

h3. Registration

[Registration form|] \- includes full details on accommodation and booking procedure.

h3. Venue

Date 21-23 November, Ramada Bucharest Majestic Hotel, Calea Victoriei No 49-53, Bucharest 010063, Romania [Schedule of events|^FAI CIMA PLENARY MEETING 2019-1.pdf]

h3. Schedule

* Wed 20 Nov 
**  Arrival of delegates
* Thu 21 Nov 
** 09h00 -- 16h30 Paramotor Subcommittee
** 09h00 -- 16h30 Microlight Subcommittee
** Evening - Welcome dinner
* Fri 22 Nov 
**  09h00 -- 14h30 Plenary
** Afternoon - Palace of the Parliament Tour
* Sat 23 Nov 
** 09h00 -- 14h30 Plenary
** Afternoon - Clinceni Airfield Visit
* Sun 24 Nov 
** Departure of delegates.


In the build-up to this meeting, they are all in the [Calendar|cima:Calendar] which you can subscribe to on your PC, mobile phone Etc.

* Monday 23 September 2019 *Colibri Diploma proposals*. These MUST be received by FAI secretariat at least 2 months before the meeting.

* Tuesday 8 October 2019, *Plenary Agenda*. If you have any burning issues you want included in the agenda you must send them to the CIMA President or FAI Secretariat before then.
** *S10 amendments*. Are managed on the wiki in the CIMA Section 10 - [Current proposals|cimaS10:2019 Proposals] section. To make a proposal you will need to log in and a special template is ready for you to add in your proposal. If you have forgotten your login, the wiki can send it to you automatically. The objective of course it to arrive at a definitive series of proposals by the deadline which will ‘work’ within the greater context of the whole of S10 and will be presented in the normal way to the plenary for a YES or NO answer.
** *Local regulations and task catalogue* for all FAI category 1 events proposed for 2020
** *Future plenary venues*. Lausanne is the default venue. NACs may wish to propose alternatives, but they must be in writing and received by the CIMA President or FAI Secretariat before this date.