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16 - Template Risk Assessment for Championships

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Annex 8 for S10 - see [attached document|]

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As monitor for EPC2017, I was surprised to hear that no formal risk assessment document was produced. All relevant safety information I requested was provided to me by the organisers, but I felt that it would be useful to produce a template to help future organisers to consider these aspects.

A risk assessment is not just an administrative exercise. It is a useful tool for considering all potential safety risks and what mitigating factors might be put in place to minimise them.

Also, in the event of an accident, this is the first thing that any investigating officer will ask for. Many of these people are from local authorities and have no experience or familiarity with our sports. So a single, standalone document that they can read and understand the measures taken to reduce risk is very helpful in these situations. 

The document is intended to be used as a template, that prompts questions to be considered by the organisers, and can be adapted by them to the particular context of their own local rules and championships.

I have proposed this as a further Annex to S10.