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Petr Jonas (CZE)

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12 - Length of legs (microlights)

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{color:#ff0000}4.31.9 In Microlight navigation tasks, the known turn points must have their distance from the start point declared in the task instructions given to the crew, with the resolution of 100m or better. This distance must be used for time scoring.{color} {color:#ff0000}No absolute time gates can be used more than 30km away from a point with known distance.{color} {color:#ff0000}When time is to be checked further than 30km away from a turn point with known distance or on an unknown track, the time has to be checked by checking the ground speed or time elapsed between two gates.{color}

h3. Reason

This change is here in order to make the time checks flyable. On very long legs, especially curved or unknown before take-off, it is very difficult to plot the map precisely and maintain the time since the start-point in a two-seat class, and close to impossible in a one-seat class. This change ensures that the "added error" of plotting cannot grow too high, because at least every 30km the pilot will know the precise distance (and therefore time) since start point. On unknown parts of the track, a "section time" will be measured, where the absolute added error does not matter.