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h3. Proposal from

Wolfgang LINTL (GER)

h3. Proposal title

02 - Clarification of rules for records to avoid overlap

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h3. New text



{color:#222222}3.4.1     The weight of the aircraft at take-off, including the pilot, fuel and all auxiliary equipment shall not exceed the maximum permitted weight limit as defined in {color}[S10 1.3.1|]{color:#222222}.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.2     Landing or refuelling during a record attempt either on the ground or in the air is prohibited.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.3     A new record must exceed the previous record by 1% for distance and speed records and by 3% for altitude and height records.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.4     In the measurement of record distance, the error must not exceed 0.5% and for altitude and height records 1%.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.5     No fuel, ballast or other disposable items may be jettisoned after take-off or prior to the completion of the record attempt.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.6     A foot launched Microlight or Paramotor must be foot launched from a surface which has no slope greater than 1% over a radius of 100 m from the take off point.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.7     To obtain a record with an amphibian, it must take-off from land and land on water or vice-versa.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.8     A serviceable barograph and/or a FR shall be carried.{color}

{color:#222222}3.4.9     The pilot and crew must hold a FAI sporting licence.{color}

{color:#ff0000}3.4.10  {color}{color:#ff0000}A record in our class R under Section 10 can only made in this class and not parallel in classes E (Rotorcraft) or in classes that fall under Section 2 (Aeroplanes).{color}

h3. Reason

{color:#222222}in FAI there is a discussion about the possibility to collect several records with one flight in different categories/classes.CASI established a working group (I am a member) to find out the overlap and recommend some rule changes.{color}

{color:#222222}So far we have identified, that we have some overlap with rotorcraft and with general aviation. I had a conversation with the chair of this working group and the result is, that the WG will probably  come up with a solution or proposal right before the FAI GC. This will be to late for us  to made a Sec. 10 change.{color}

{color:#222222}It is not a big problem in our community, but we should fill this gap with a proper regulation.{color}

{color:#222222}To make it as easy as possible, we can amend our rules with this proposal of a sentence to be added to S10.{color}

{color:#222222}Regarding Sec. 2 we can have in mind, that most of the true performance records like distance, altitude, time to climb, 3 km. speed etc. already have performances that cannot be broken by microlights. The only issue is Speed over a recognised course.{color}