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Once you have been granted a login to the *FAI wiki*, here are some suggestions for getting started

h4. Your personal configuration.

* *Login* The current user name is in the top right of the screen. If you are not logged in then you are an *anonymous* user. Click on *anonymous* to get the login menu.
* *Set your personal profile*. When logged in, your name should be in the top right of the screen. Click on this to see your personal menu; click on *Profile*. Here you can:
** *Reset your password* to something more memorable.
** *Load a picture of yourself*
** Click on *edit* to *edit your personal details* such as email address, telephone number, Etc. Please retain a description of your position, Eg _Delegate to a commission representing a country_ so everyone knows who you are, but you're welcome to add to it. In the *company* section it is suggested you put something appropriate like 'Delegate' in the _position_ field, your FAI commission in the _department_ field and your country in the _Location_ field.
** *Set your timezone* In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Set your language* System menus Etc. can be displayed in *English*, *French* or *German*. In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Set your site homePage* The default is {link-to:dashboard}Dashboard{link-to} and you may prefer to set it to your commission's home page. In the *settings* tab (or *settings* from your personal menu).
** *Get notified* The wiki offers various ways to to be notified of changes in the wiki in {link-to:rss feed builder}RSS feeds{link-to} or by email. The simplest is to *Subscribe to daily updates* by email. In the *settings* tab --> Email (or *settings* from your personal menu --> Email).
* *Set up a personal space*. Please see [about personal spaces|personal spaces]. In your personal menu --> *Create personal space*.

h4. Explore the wiki.
* The wiki is laid out in [Spaces] and sub-spaces. Generally a FAI commission will have one top level space and a number of sub-spaces. Wiki users may also have set up their own [personal space|personal spaces].
* The root of all global spaces is the {link-to:dashboard}Dashboard{link-to} and there is a link to this in the _breadcrumbs_ 'trail' at the top of every wiki page.
* You can access users' personal spaces from the main menu: view --> other pages --> people directory.
* Depending on the [groups|User groups] you are a member of you will have more [permissions] in some spaces than others. By default everyone is a member of the *confluence-users* group and by default members of this group have permission to view and make comments on every page.
* The entire list of spaces in the wiki, including personal spaces, is:

h4. Enjoy!