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A Personal space can be set up by a user to tell the World about himself and to attach documents to Etc.

Each user can only have one personal space in the entire wiki.

h4. What you can use your personal space for

Personal spaces are designed to be for FAI related interest and business. 

By all means tell the World what aircraft you fly, what kind of equipment you use, what you have been doing lately, your achievements Etc.

Use it to publish documents and proposals related to FAI or commission issues when you don't have permission to load them into a subject-related space.

h4. What you can NOT use your personal space for

You *must not* use your personal space for commercial purposes or load non FAI related stuff into your personal space, for example content relating to the philatelic club you are also a member of.  

Such content will be deleted without warning by a FAI wiki administrator.

FAI wiki users are requested to report suspected abuse of personal spaces to []

Repeated abuse could lead to you losing the privilege of having a personal space at all.

h4. Lifetime of personal spaces

Your personal space will exist so long as you have a login to the FAI wiki.  If you step down from being a delegate to your commission and you have no other FAI position (eg as a co-opted member of a committee, president or secretary of a commission Etc) then your wiki login will be deleted and your personal space will no longer exist.

h4. Setting up a personal space

* Go to *Space administration* \--> *Create a sub Space*.
* Choose a suitable name for the space. 
Remember to assign a spaceKey to the new space according to the protocol described above.
* In *Who can use this space?* uncheck everything.  You will assign group permissions later.  For now, only you will have permission to even view the new space.
* In Theme, select the *default theme* which is designed to reflect the FAI overall look and feel. 
* Click *OK*.  The space will be created with a default home page for you to start work on.

Probably you do not have the correct layout with your commission's spaces menu on the left.
* Go to *Space administration* \--> *Choose Layout*.
* Layouts are arranged in a tree and your commission's main layout will be under the FAI layout (eg CIMA).  Select that one, and click *Save*.