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User groups are the core method of disseminating permissions to [users].

Each [space|Spaces] will have [permissions] set up for one or more user group.  A group may have total permission to edit and configure a space, or even create new spaces, or a group may only have permission to view pages in a space.

The basic assumption is:
|| Group || Permission ||
| wiki-administrators | Have total control over the entire wiki across all spaces and in administrative areas behind the scenes. |
| commission-administrators | Have total control over their commission space and all sub-spaces. |
| space-administrators | Have total control over a space. |
| space-users | Have permission to create, edit and delete pages in the space. |
| commission-delegates | Have permission to view and comment on pages in all spaces assigned to their commission. |
| anonymous | Everyone not logged in, ie the general public, have permission to view pages. |