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Users are created by a wiki administrator.

Users have a login username and password, and must have a valid email address.

Once logged in, users can alter their personal information, eg full name, email address, password Etc. Only the login user name cannot be changed.

It is not much use being a user unless the user is assigned to one or more [groups|User groups] which give the user the permissions to create, edit, comment Etc. pages in the wiki.

If you believe you should be granted a login or you should be a member of a particular group, then contact the administrator of your commission's space or []

h4. Lifetime of users

If you step down from being a delegate to your commission and you have no other FAI position (eg as a co-opted member of a committee, president or secretary of a commission Etc) then your wiki login will be deleted and your [personal space|Personal spaces] (if you set one up) will no longer exist.