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Since the 1998 World Championships were cancelled, the proposed European championships 1999 at Matkopuszta, Hungary was upgraded to a World Championships. 

This was the first Paramotor World Championships, only class PF1 (single seat, foot launched) competed, and it was done at the same time and place as the Microlight World championships.


The files below each contain a number of separate documents and are mostly drawn from the [competition Director's website|] so each task contains , scores, a summary, and photos.
* [Pre - championship documents|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Pre championship info.pdf]
* [Local regs and task catalogue|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Local regs and task catalogue.pdf]
* [Task 1|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 1.pdf]
* [Task 2|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 2.pdf]
* [Task 3|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 3.pdf]
* [Task 4|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 4.pdf]
* [Task 5|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 5.pdf]
* [Task 6|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 6.pdf]
* [Task 7|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 7.pdf]
* [Task 8|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Task 8.pdf]
* [Final individual and team totals|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Final scores.pdf]
* [Summary|1999 WPC Matkopuszta^Summary.pdf]