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CIMA is the *International Microlight and Paramotor Commission* of FAI (*{_}C{_}{*}{_}ommission_ *{_}I{_}{*}{_}nternationale_ _de_ *{_}M{_}{*}{_}icro{_}_\-_{*}{_}A{_}{*}{_}viation_). CIMA stands for FAI's microlight and paramotor activities, in particular World Records and International Competitions are conducted under the direction of CIMA.

CIMA has a large number of [delegates||List of CIMA delegates] from around the World who meet annually at a Plenary meeting, usually in November. 

Most CIMA decisions are made at Plenary meetings, and at the end of it a *[Bureau|bureau:CIMA Bureau]* consisting of a President, two vice Presidents and a secretary/treasurer is elected to represent CIMA outside of the Plenary.

The main purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the collaborative work of the Bureau and the different sub-committees, and to make their activity and results visible to the air sports community. For any other official information please refer to the [CIMA page at the FAI portal|] .


[CIMA Bureau|bureau:CIMA Bureau]

h5. CIMA Sub-committees

Sub committees are permanent groups,
the chairman and members are appointed
or re-appointed annually by the CIMA Plenary.
* Microlight Sub-Committee
* Paramotor Sub-Committee
* [Section 10 Sub-Committee|Sec10:Section 10 sub-committee]
* Flight Recorder Approval Committee

h5. CIMA working groups

Working groups are similar to sub-committees
except they are established on a temporary
basis to address a particular issue and then
disband when their work is complete.
* Paramotor Precision working group
* Internal Regulations working group
* [Ranking System working group|ranking:CIMA Ranking System working group]
* [Internet Presence working group|wiki:CIMA Internet Presence Committee]{column}


h5. Forthcoming championships

* [European Microlight Championship 2010, Sywell, United Kingdom|EMC2010:European Microlight Championship 2010]
* World Air Games 2011, Odense, Denmark (to be confirmed)
* [World Microlight Championship 2011, Beer Sheva, Israel|WMC2011:World Microlight Championship 2011]
* [World Paramotor Championshio 2011, Daejeon, Korea|WPC2011:World Paramotor Championship 2011]


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