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CIMA is the *International Microlight and Paramotor Commission* of FAI ({*}{_}C{*}ommission_ *_I{*}nternationale_ _de_ *_M{*}icro{_}_\-_{*}{_}A{*}viation{_}). CIMA stands for FAI's microlight and paramotor activities, in particular World Records and International Competitions, are conducted under the direction of CIMA.
The main purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the collaborative work of the Bureau and the different sub-committees, and to make their activity and results visible to the air sports communnity. For any other official information pease refer to the [CIMA page at the FAI portal|] .
[CIMA Bureau|bureau:CIMA Bureau]
h5. CIMA Sub-committees
Sub committees are permanent groups, the chairman and members are appointed or re-appointed annually by the CIMA Plenary.
* Microlight Sub-Committee
* Paramotor Sub-Committee
* [Section 10 Working Group|Sec10:Section 10 Working Group]
* Flight Recorder Approval Committee

h5. CIMA working groups
Working groups are similar to sub-committees except they are established on a temporary basis to address a particular issue and then disband when their work is complete.
* Paramotor Precision working group
* Internal Regulations working group
* [Ranking System working group|ranking:CIMA Ranking System working group]
* [Internet Presence working group|wiki:CIMA Internet Presence Committee]
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h5. Forthcoming championships
* [European Microlight Championship 2010, Sywell, United Kingdom|EMC2010:European Microlight Championship 2010]
* World Air Games 2011, Odense, Denmark (to be confirmed)
* [World Microlight Championship 2011, Beer Sheva, Israel|WMC2011:World Microlight Championship 2011]
* [World Paramotor Championshio 2011, Daejeon, Korea|WPC2011:World Paramotor Championship 2011]
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