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h3. CIMA Delegates

Each [FAI member|] may appoint a delegate to CIMA: [List of CIMA delegates on the FAI portal|]

h3. CIMA Bureau

The highest authority in CIMA is the [Plenary|cimaPlenaries:] which meets annually, it appoints the [Bureau|cimaBureau:CIMA Bureau] to manage its affairs for the rest of the year.

h3. CIMA sub-committees
CIMA maintains a number of permanent sub-committees:
* [Microlight Sub-Committee|cimaMicrolight:]
* [Paramotor Sub-Committee|cimaParamotor:]
* [Section 10 Sub-committee|cimaS10:Section 10 sub-committee]
* [Flight Recorder Approval Committee (FRAC)|cimaFrac:FRAC Home]
* [World Air Games Microlight Sub-committee|cimaWAGmicrolights:]
* [World Air Games Paramotor Sub-committee|cimaWAGparamotors:]

h3. CIMA working groups
CIMA maintains a number of working groups which are dissolved once their work is done.
* [CIMA Information Technology working group|cimaWiki:CIMA IT Working Group]
* [World Paramotor League Cup working group|cimaContinentalCup:World League Cup WG]
* [World Paramotor Endurance Championships working group|endu:Paramotor Endurance Championships]

h3. CIMA delegates to FAI technical commissions

|| FAI Technical Commission || CIMA Delegate ||
| [Medical Commission (CIMP)|] | *Wolfgang LINTL* (CIMA President) |
| [Aerospace Education Commission (CIEA)|] | No delegate from CIMA \\ |
| [Environmental Commission (EnvC)|] | *Tom GUNNARSON* (USA) \\ |

h3. CIMA Historian

h3. FAI Secretariat
_All FAI commissions are supported by the Secretariat in Lausanne_
* See the main [FAI website|]