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h1. Welcome to the CIMA Wiki

CIMA is the International Microlight and Paramotor Commission of FAI (_Commission Internationale_ _de_ _Micro{_}_\-_{_}Aviation_). CIMA stands for FAI's microlight and paramotor activities, in particular World Records and International Competitions, are conducted under the direction of CIMA.

The main purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the collaborative work of the Bureau and the different sub-committees, and to make their activity and results visible to the air sports communnity.

The CIMA Bureau

CIMA Sub-committees
* Microlight Sub-Committee
* Paramotor Sub-Committee
* Section 10 Working Group
* Flight Recorder Approval Committee
* Paramotor Precision Committee
* Internal Regulations Committee
* Ranking System Committee
* CIMA Internet Presence Committee


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