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The rules for championships, records and awards in microlights and paramotors are established in [Section 10 of the FAI Sporting Code|] .

The _Section 10 sub-committee_ performs the following functions:

* Receives amendment proposals from delegates and compiles them in a comprehensive way.
* Checks the proposals for consistency with the rest of FAI rules.
* Presents all proposals by delegates to the CIMA Plenary.
* Compiles the latest Plenary agreed version of FAI Section 10 for publication.
* Maintains other S10 related documents such as Record Claim forms.

h3. sub-committee members:

* *Barney Townsend* (GBR), Editor, chair
* *Rob HUGHES* (GBR)
* *Kristian DOLHAI* (HUN)
* *Petr JONAS* (CZE)
* *Jiri KRAJKA* (CZE)

h3. Current proposals
{note:title=Change of traditional Plenary dates}
The [2022 Plenary|cimaPlenaries:Plenary 2022] decided to change its regular meeting date from November to February.

This means that the next full plenary after November 2022 is in [February 2024|cimaPlenaries:Plenary 2024].

All proposals made before the [plenary deadline|cimaPlenaries:Plenary 2024] will be included in the agenda for the 2024 plenary meeting.

{tip:title=Make your proposals now!}
All CIMA delegates may make their proposals to add / amend / delete provisions in FAI Section 10 here *at any time*.

You can now make proposals for 2024

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{iflogged:true=Make a proposal now for the 2024 meeting|false=Log in to make a proposal}

h3. Procedure

Only CIMA delegates may submit proposals.  Anyone else should submit their proposal to their delegate first.  The full list of delegates is on the [FAI website|].

The amendment scheme operates the same as it has done for many years, but since 2010 they should be placed here on the wiki by delegates themselves.

Proposals must include:

1) The number of the affected paragraph (or where it should go, if it is something new).

2) The old text.

3) the new text.

4) The reason for the proposed change.

Once the submission deadline is reached, comment from the S10 Sub-Committee is added and all proposals become part of the Plenary Agenda.

Changes of wording in the multi-lingual and limited available time frame of the Plenary have been shown to have unintended results, therefore each proposal will be put to the vote *in its exact wording* at the CIMA Plenary meeting on the basis of a YES or a NO.

Proposals affecting Microlights are discussed and voted upon by the Microlight committee, proposals affecting Paramotors are discussed and voted upon by the Paramotor committee.
In each case committee decisions are put to the Plenary, and if:
* The proposal only affects microlights: The Plenary should accept the microlight committee decision, or if undecided, the proposal is discussed in the plenary.
* The proposal only affects paramotors: The Plenary should accept the paramotor committee decision, or if undecided, the proposal is discussed in the plenary.
* The proposal affects both microlights and paramotors:
** If both committees agree, then the Plenary should accept the decision.
** If committee opinion differs, the proposal is discussed in the plenary.

While delegates will have an opinion on the merits of each proposal, before the deadline they are encouraged to make comments on the wording and layout of any proposal they see as not being understandable or might have unforeseen ‘secondary’ effects should it be voted to be included in S10.

h3. Past proposals

Proposals sent to previous plenary meetings:

* [2022|cimaS10:2022 Proposals]
* [2021|cimaS10:2021 Proposals]
* [2020|cimaS10:2020 Proposals]
* [2019|cimaS10:2019 Proposals]
* [2018|cimaS10:2018 Proposals]
* [2017|cimaS10:2017 Proposals]
* [2016|cimaS10:2016 Proposals]
* [2015|cimaS10:2015 Proposals]
* [2014|cimaS10:2014 Proposals]
* [2013|cimaS10:2013 Proposals]
* [2012|cimaS10:2012 Proposals]
* [2011|cimaS10:2011 Proposals] and [results of decisions|]
* [2010|cimaS10:2010 Proposals]
* [2009|]
* [2008|]
* [2007|]
* [2006|]
* [2005|]

h3. News

h3. Documents