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*This Working Group no longer exists*

* A [paper and proposal|Original proposal to CIMA] was put to the 2009 CIMA Plenary as an item for AOB. The proposal was accepted.
* A small working group was set up to act on this proposal.
* The working group's objective was to make a presentation at the 2010 CIMA Plenary.
* The Working Group [made a report to the 2010 Plenary|cimaContinentalCup:2010 Report] which essentially said that for various reasons it did not do much work in 2010, but if the Continental League Cup proposal was introduced at the 2010 Plenary then this would need a Working Group which would have to collect this type of data.
* The report therefore recommended the Ranking System WG was subsumed by the Continental Cup WG.
* The Continental League Cup was accepted at the 2010 Plenary, and the Ranking System WG was merged into the new Continental League Cup WG.


h3. Working group members

* *Richard Meredith-Hardy* (GBR), Chairman
* *Ágúst Guðmundsson* (ISL)